Cultural Immersion

Culturally immersive tourism will not appeal to everyone. The Kosua do not live an easy lifestyle. The geography of their traditional land is made up of huge rivers, thundering creeks, steep ridges, slippery, wet, primary growth rainforest all flanked by 8,200' Mt. Bosavi, which rises 7500' above the village of Fogomai’yu. To experience this first-hand, you must be physically fit, capable of walking long hours on steep, slippery, technical rainforest ‘trails.’ You must also be a strong swimmer.

Most importantly, you must take your role as a cultural ambassador seriously. More than the financial benefits of tourism, the Kosua are honored to include a visitor from the other side of the world into their intimate lives. They are extremely proud of their culture, customs, villages and society and visitors who fully embrace the Kosua lifestyle will always be welcomed back as family.