Authentic Cultural Immersion

The promotion of tourism in such isolated areas is known to be controversial. The decision of Origin Papua New Guinea to bring travelers from the developed world to experience traditional tribal culture was a difficult one. Only after lengthy and repeat discussions with village elders, chiefs and village citizens of the three Upper Kosua villages, was a mutually agreed upon immersive tourist program developed.  It was decided that conscientious tourists would actually galvanize the cultural identity, strengthen environmental stewardship of the surrounding jungle, and provide a sustainable income for communities who have, so far, resisted the vexing voice of modern development.

During your stay, you will explore massive limestone caves, canoe down the swollen Hegigio River, trek through untouched rainforest, descend into Edenic Mount Bosavi Crater, intimately participate in cultural singsings, and live like a Kosua tribe member for the duration of your visit.