Papua New Guinea-Cultural Immersion

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Origin Papua New Guinea LLC is a travel company specializing in authentic culturally immersive expeditions to the most remote regions of Papua New Guinea. Unlike other travel companies who offer tame and predictable itineraries for the casual traveler, Origin PNG LLC affords the serious adventure traveler the unparalleled opportunity to experience rainforest tribal life that you never before thought possible. Each night of your custom built itinerary will be spent in the local home of a Papua New Guinean, dining on the traditional fare of the region and traveling as a local--which often means rugged hiking on mountainous jungle paths.  As a company built around the unique needs of a small but strident niche within the adventure travel community, all of our custom itineraries will require participants to leave their western identity at home and immerse themselves in the tribal cultures we will be traveling among. 

Traditional Papua New Guinea Villages


The promotion of tourism in such isolated areas is known to be controversial. The decision of Origin Papua New Guinea LLC to bring travelers from the developed world to experience traditional tribal culture was a difficult one. After lengthy and repeat discussions with village elders, chiefs and village citizens, a sustainable tourism philosophy emerged that was based around conscientious cultural engagement. It was determined and has thus far been proven, that the conscientious tourists galvanizes the tribes' cultural identity, strengthens environmental stewardship of the surrounding jungle, and provides a sustainable income for communities who have, so far, resisted the vexing voice of modern development.

Highlights of previous trips include: explore massive limestone caves, canoe down the swollen Hegigio River, trek through untouched rainforest, descend into Edenic Mount Bosavi Crater, intimately participate in cultural singsings, and live like a Kosua tribe member for the duration of your visit.


featured expedition to the Mount Bosavi Region affords you the unparalleled opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the captivating life of the Kosua Tribe amidst their pristine rainforest surroundings. Cultural immersion in Papua New Guinea is a sensory experience that is impossible to lend language to, so it is our hope that the photos you find on this website will help tell the story of what awaits you in Bosavi.